2008-06-02 10:28:34 by Armboy

All I have been doing for the past few weeks or so is homework, drawing, and playing some video games here and there. If I had to asses my drawing progress, I'd have to say that it's... questionable. It's difficult for me to get some concepts down. It's pretty hard, but no one said it'd be easy! =^)

Although I have a hard time with some aspects, others are working just as planned. The "Structure of Man" DVD I bought is really helping me; It taut me many things about drawing people from your mind. I'm also taking Art next school year, so that's a plus.

well that's about it. I'll try to strive for the best! (although it doesn't feel that way on the internet because of all the really crappy jokes and potty humor that spews out of me lol)


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